We are a relatively young company, founded in 2010, but our owner has been working with wood for years. His father came to America from Europe to work as a carpenter. Our owner would spend hours watching and helped him create cabinets, bookcases and furniture when he was a child, learning how to use some of the basic woodworking tools. He also learned to read the grain of the wood and utilize it to create pieces which truly show off the best qualities of the wood.

He went to college, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and became successful in the semiconductor industry, becoming responsible for a business unit for one of the top 10 semiconductor companies in the world. Receiving several awards throughout his career, most notably the George Meade Award for Engineering Excellence from United Technologies, he also holds several patents for new ideas in the semiconductor industry.

Through the years, he always did some type of woodworking project in his spare time as a form of relaxation from his hectic job. He continually crafted some kind of built-in for each home he was living in - be it a bookcase, a rocking horse for his children or fully finishing his office with wainscoting, crown molding and bookcases. After more than 30 years in the high-tech industry, he has decided to start our woodworking company - his first true love.

A few years ago, he became intrigued with bending wood and the possibilities that it could offer for creating architectural elements for the home. He has finally perfected an approach that allows modern tools to be used to create old-world niches. In the past, these elements were created with large pieces of wood and many hours of carving by hand.

We hope you find that our products can truly enhance the beauty and value of your home.

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