Arch Top Corner CabinetDecorating with a hardwood wall niche can make a dramatic effect to your foyer, hallway, stairway landing or any room it is placed in. It not only adds architectural interest to a wall, but can be used to proudly display your most prized possessions.

Wall niches have been utilized for centuries to visually enhance a wall or corner and to add interest to the rooms they are in. Many of the tops of these niches mimic a scallop shell. The earliest instance of these have been found in ancient Rome.

Our wood niches add a sense of depth to the wall while adding a touch of historical elegance. Recessed into the wall, this is done without significantly impacting your living space. They have many uses and decorative functions, adding depth and texture to an otherwise blank space. Use them to display that special sculpture, artifact or floral arrangement with an air of sophistication that is not normally seen in today's home. Our designs range from elegant to extraordinary and are fundamental decorating pieces that can bring a sense of individuality to your design scheme.

Our Bravo and Bella niche collection is designed to fit between standard 16" on center 2x4 construction. Most homes are built this way. Care must be taken to insure that the space chosen has no plumbing or other obstructions inside the wall space. Installation of our decorative niches requires cutting a hole in the sheet rock (drywall, plaster, etc.) to accommodate the niche. Construction adhesive, such as Liquid Nails can be used to permanently hold it in place with screws or nails holding the niche in place until the adhesive sets. Our niches are quite durable, made from hardwoods and veneers similar to most high quality furniture.

A Shell Woodcraft decorative niche can transform your ordinary wall into a thing of beauty.

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